OXE Outboard Engine

Made in USA, Sweden-based OXE Marine, founded in 2012
import from China Engineers

Model details

Model Engine Power Torque Weight Price
OXE Diesel 150 Diesel, L4, 2000 cc 150 HP @ 4100 rpm 380 Nm @ 2500 rpm 350 KG

HK$ 560,000

[Limited Time Offer]
HK$ 476,000

OXE Diesel 200 Diesel, L4, 2000 cc 200 HP @ 4100 rpm 415 Nm @ 2800 rpm 350 KG

HK$ 600,000

[Limited Time Offer]
HK$ 510,000

OXE Diesel 300 Diesel, L6, 3000 cc 300 HP @ 4200-4400 rpm 680 Nm @ 1750 rpm 395 KG

HK$ 773,000

[Limited Time Offer]
HK$ 657,000

Cost saving calculator

Diesel price (HK$ /L) * price on March 2022, Sai Kung Tanker Ship
Gasoline price (HK$ /L) * price on 5th March 2022, Esso Regular $21.84 (-$3.6 discount)
Running Hour per day
Running Day per week
Running Hour per year
OXE Diesel Engines
150HP 200HP 300HP
Other Gasoline Engines
115HP 150HP 200HP 300HP
* Gasoline data from the datasheet of a well known brand
Cost of Engine
Max Fuel Consumption (L/Hr)
Normal Engine Power Usage (%) * Your normal persentage of power usage.
* Diesel had higher efficiency in lower RPM, can put a lower number.
Max Fuel Cost per hour (HK$)
Normal Fuel Cost per hour (HK$)
Normal Fuel Cost per year (HK$)
Engine Price Different (HK$)
Fuel Cost Saved for 1 Years (HK$)
Fuel Cost Saved for 5 Years (HK$)
Fuel Cost Saved for 8 Years (HK$)
Fuel Cost Breakeven (Years)


* All models include 1 years or 500 hours warranty whichever comes first, include inspection labour fee.


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