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Charger 650W for Power 48-5000

Price: HK$8390

P/N: 2213-00

Torqeedo - the no.1 manufacturer in electric boat drives! The company from Bavaria makes the most advanced boat drives for electric mobility on the water. Since 2005, Torqeedo has been constantly working on the development of new technologies, ensuring that electric outboards with their proven Torqeedo technology achieve the best overall efficiency in their class.

In 2008, Torqeedo was named Start-up of the year in Germany. Torqeedo combined the speed of the start-up culture with legendary German engineering skills and precision. And soon launched subsidiaries in the United States and East Asia. The goal was never to just design electric motors for boats, but to transform the experience of boating, while reducing its environmental impact. The first motors had two horsepowers (HP); today we build powerful 200 kW systems and battery banks boasting high triple-digit kWh capacities. Torqeedo is the market leader for electric mobility on the water – and it’s fair to say that it both created and grew the electric boating industry.

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