Torqeedo Electric Motors

Electric motors can achieve the same propulsive power as combustion engines with significantly lower shaft power. The reason lies in the different torque curves of electric motors and petrol engines. While the torque curve of combustion engines features a prominent peak, with maximum torque being available only over a limited engine speed range, electric motors feature a much flatter torque curve with ample torque available at any engine speed.

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3HP Outboard Video

Synchronous motors

With this type of motor, the ratio of the motor speed to the frequency of supply voltage is constant. As a rule, synchronous motors are torque controlled. They therefore always draw as much current as they need in order to deliver the necessary torque at the desired motor speed. For this reason they are the preferred choice for use in fields with especially demanding torque requirements. If the motor needs more power to maintain a given propeller speed it will automatically draw more current.

弦外机 > Travel


Travel 603

2 HP equivalent with 500Wh Battery
Part No.:1153-00
HK$ 20290

Travel 903

2.5 HP equivalent with 915Wh Battery
Part No.:1156-00
HK$ 21990

Travel 1103C

3 HP equivalent with 915Wh Battery
Part No.:1151-00
HK$ 26490

Travel S

3 HP equivalent with 1080Wh Battery
Part No.:1160-00 1166-00
HK$ 27990

Travel S

3 HP equivalent with 1425Wh Battery
Part No.:1160-00 1167-00
HK$ 30990

Travel XP S

5 HP equivalent with 1425Wh Battery
Part No.:1162-00 1167-00
HK$ 36490

Travel XP RS

5 HP equivalent with 1425Wh Battery
Part No.:1164-00 1167-00
HK$ 38990

弦外机 > Cruise


Cruise 3.0 R

6 HP equivalent
Part No.:1260-00
HK$ 36990

Cruise 3.0 T

6 HP equivalent
Part No.:1264-00
HK$ 36990

Cruise 6.0 R

9.9 HP equivalent
Part No.:1262-00
HK$ 44790

Cruise 6.0 T

9.9 HP equivalent
Part No.:1266-00
HK$ 44790

Cruise 10.0 T

20 HP equivalent
Part No.:1243-00
HK$ 106290

Cruise 12.0 R

25 HP equivalent
Part No.:1280-00
HK$ 106290

弦內机 > Pod Drive / Sail Drive


PodDrive Cruise 3.0

6 HP equivalent
Part No.:1268-00
HK$ 36990

PodDrive Cruise 6.0

9.9 HP equivalent
Part No.:1269-00
HK$ 44790

PodDrive Cruise 12.0

25 HP equivalent
Part No.:1283-00
HK$ 95990

SailDrive Cruise 10.0

20 HP equivalent
Part No.:1253-00
HK$ 95990



Battery 500Wh

For Travel 603/1103
Part No.:1155-00
HK$ 6390

Battery 915Wh

For Travel 1003/1103
Part No.:1148-00
HK$ 9490

Battery Power 24-3500

For Cruise 2.0/4.0/10.0
Part No.:2106-00
HK$ 33990

Battery Power 48-5000

For Cruise 4.0/10.0
Part No.:2104-00
HK$ 59990



Spare parts kit Travel

Kill cord and battery pin
Part No.:1927-00
HK$ 310

Long tiller arm

60 cm tiller tube extension
Part No.:1919-00
HK$ 410

Charging cable 12/24V

Lenght 2m
Part No.:1128-00
HK$ 490

Travel Battery Bag

1 bag for battery
Part No.:1926-00
HK$ 690

Travel Bags

2-piece bag set
Part No.:1925-00
HK$ 2090

Solar Charger 50W for Travel/Ultralight

Part No.:1132-00
HK$ 6290

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